New Beginnings

Life can consume us with the mundane, the unwanted, and the unexpected. Through no fault or effort of our own, circumstances change and our assumptions and expectations about the course of our life is altered. I can make the choice to remain  confused and stuck in the fog of uncertainty or I can garner strength from the Lord and forge ahead confident that the battle is His. Today,  I am choosing something new! Not exactly new, but, a re-visit from the past. Spending the day with collegeauges from my day job at a professional conference would not have been exciting ten years ago. Having been retired for a few years,  my professional identity has waned adding to the confusion I feel about the changes in my life. Who am I any more any way? Transistioning from the black and white of medicine to the wonderful world of color in quilting and writing is forward movement for me. Yet, I am finding the comptency issue disequilibriating. I was a good nurse but I am an average quilter and a fair fledgling author. So, my task is to see my below my own standard of excellance of performance as a great opportunity for great improvement! Today’s activity will be my shot in the arm of competence I need to bolster the struggles experienced in my life right now. His mercies are new every morning. I am thankful for a God who walks with me as I start over ever day.


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