My church has a wonderful ministry for young mothers: MOPS(mothers of preschool children).I have suggested to my Sunday school class that we need a counterpart group for us seniors who are caring for very senior parents: DOPS(daughter of parents with senility). It is a privilege to have one’s parents at this stage of life, but, their care issues are stressed by our own physical, spiritual, psychological, and general life issues. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Dad had a dental appointment and a visit with his cardiologist. My folks have a dear friend who was placed in hospice care. Mom was unable to speak to the vet of her sick cat in the hospital for whatever reason. Dad also wanted 200 pounds of garden rock and soil, thankfully in bags, from the Home Depot. The activities extended through lunch, and by 5 P.M. my pre-diabetic blood sugar had fallen, Mom was frantic over Dad’s four hour absence, and he was tired after his day out. I had to call my husband to unload the poundage in my vehicle, thus interrupting his activities. I ran out of steam; you know, when the Holy Spirit has evaporated? Grace and steam go together for me. If I am well rested, nourished, prayed up, and positive, I am much better about being gracious. But, deficiencies in several of those areas(at our age who sleeps well?) sucks the grace right out of me and I might as well step aside and let the devil kill, steal, and destroy. Why do I let him do that to me? Ahh, my Savior said, you are trying to carry it alone. I forgot. Prayerfully, today will be better. What are you trying to bear alone that the Lord is willing and able to carry with and FOR you?


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