Love Livin’LaVida Jimmy Moore

My personal health journey has been heavily influenced by Jimmy Moore(please visit his blog listed in My Follow List). Metabolic Syndrome reared its ugly head, menopause strangled me, and I literally felt like I was done for. Jimmy’s vast array of podcasts became my daily bread (along with the Word, of course) and I was exposed to information that led to drastic improvements in my blood profile, 40 pound weight loss, stabilization of hormonal imbalances, and a new hip. This week, Jimmy appeared on the 700 club and explained his call from the Lord to do what he does: multiple podcasts, write books, and inspire us! Once 410 pounds, Jimmy is now a slim 180 and hob nobs with top scientists, nutritionists, and doctors. Not too bad for a local boy from North Carolina. His new book Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL is wrong with my numbers  has been co-authored with Dr. Eric Westman, another heath guru functioning outside the proverbial box and actually curing patients. I mention my journey and these resources only as a suggestion for those of you gals suffering as I did. Definitely worth your own investigation; check out Jimmy Moore and his resources.  See what improvements you can make in your own health. I will be reading his new book as soon as it arrives and will give my review here, for what it’s worth! Here’s a thought for you:

Dump the carbs and in its place, add a prayer to your race.

Lose the pounds, your faith abounds. A stronger spirit, a thinner face!


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