Sacred Asembly

My church hosted a prayer conference with Claude King and John franklin speaking on prayer. The overwhelming takeaway from both speakers was the lack of personal holiness within American churches. There are great revivals occurring elsewhere in our world, but overall, the European and American churches are surviving but not thriving. When the ancient church called for a sacred assembly prior to great prayer, the people were to prepare themselves through consecration to their God. How seriously do we do such a thing today?

Both of these men have authored books on a variety of spiritual disciplines. As I’ve stated previously, I love to read, and of course, came away from the conference with an armload of books. Its wonderful to own books, even better to read them, but if the reading does not inspire us to seek a change in our behavior or a deeper relationship with our Savior, then books are merely time wasters. We become like those Paul spoke of being tossed about by every wind of doctrine; ever learning but never coming to the acknowledgement of the truth.

Books such as written by King and Franklin can assist us beautifully into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Their guidance may be just the thing we need to get over a spiritual hump. Yet,  personal application of these spiritual disciplines is difficult for most of us because we don’t seriously consider the benefits nor the consequences of negligence.

How many women have said to me: if I could only do it over, if I could know then what I know now, or what was I thinking? No matter where we are on our journey, it is always a new day with new mercies for new beginnings. I love what Mary Englebreit says: “Don’t look back. You’re not going there.” Today is our day. Make the decision to start new today, every day, and the success eventually will come.

What would your life look like if you would free yourself from anger and bitterness that stands between you and a loving Father who wants to bless you? How would you appear to your loved ones if you took as much time with personal holiness as we do picking out our dress for church? What if we were serious about this submission thing to the God of the Universe and we took Him at His Words, and believed? How full would your heart be if you ingested the Word daily and applied it to the trials you are struggling with now? How about considering real praying in real faith and expecting what He says He will do? Would you then be prepared to join a sacred assembly, holy and presentable to God?

So, now my pile is greater: And the Place Was Shaken(John Franklin) and Fresh Encounter(Claude King). Looks like I’ll be putting even more time on my treadmill!


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