Unbaited by Satan

This past weekend offered me several opportunities for learning. First, my writer’s group was “awesome”. (Am I too old to use that word?) Next, I visited the Southern Book Festival on the Plaza in Nashville. Unfortunately, the two books I hoped to acquire on using social media, were unavailable. However, I did pick up God’s Hotel by Dr. Victoria Sweet. It appears to be a collection of stories about her experiences in practice. I will get to it eventually; my pile is about 20 in number at present. Last year at the gym, I read 25 titles while exercising. It takes great effort on my part to stay faithful to something I despise (exercise) and the reading is my bait to stay consistent.

My reading occurs everywhere and there are books everywhere to prove it. Gym books, bed side table books, Ipad and Droid ebooks, and the books in the bathroom, sewing studio, and kitchen; these keep my mind inhaling words all day long. Reading four or five books at a time may be grounds for fictional soup but to the mix I add daily Bible readings and preparation for my weekly Sunday school lesson. Even when I am drudging, my code word for house work, I am listening to an audio book. I hate to miss an opportunity to get a good story under my belt.

Its great therapy for me to absorb so many words. My mind is dashing from characters and plots to my own ideas for stories and devotionals. I know how hard satan works to land on the runway of my thoughts. I keep the traffic active and repulsive to him, trusting the Lord to direct the flow of intent. Just like I have to bait myself to stay in the gym, I try to unbait the devil to stay out of my thoughts and emotions. Sometimes he does a touch and go landing, but Jesus stands on the runway till the adversary is gone.

This is  a universal quest for every Christian; the process to unbait satan is a full time job. Okay. Unbait is not really an approved word. I made it up after my study of The Bait of Satan by John Bevere.   This study was probably the most intense Bible study I’ve ever encountered and, even after 90% of Beth Moore‘s work and myriads of other teachers that give you arthritis of the wrist from flipping pages in search for scriptures, my opinion stands.  John Bevere taught and preached a life changing concept for anyone who submits to its message. Forgiveness is a central key to the health and wellness of the Christian. Unforgiveness will be our own undoing.

Lest you may be thinking bitterly, “Yeah, right. You don’t know what I’ve been through.”, Pastor Bevere addresses this very thought. Very simply, the message is: get over it. Get on with it. Grow forward. Moving forward after being infected with the  leaven of sin is hard work.

But, Jesus is up to the task. A friend recently shared how, after sixteen years, she had finally forgiven her husband. Pregnant with their last child, number four,  he moved in with his girlfriend. The journey has been long and hard, but with the Lord’s help and guidance, she’s made it. Sixteen years of tears, prayers, and trials, she finally woke up released from the bitterness. She unbaited satan’s grasp on her life, and now, she’s free!

What do you need to do to disable/destroy/disarm/deplete/ and unbait the devil from his work in your life? David said whenever he felt afraid, he trusted in God. This is real warfare, girlfriends. Find that path  between satan’s minefields and head straight into the arms of Jesus.  And, while you’re at it, check out a good read on the way.


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