Is your faucet dry?

English: Outdoor faucet in a park in Champaign...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been 30 years since I’ve lived in a neighborhood. City water, local fire and police protection, and quick access to Walmart are luxuries lost to country folks. We make do or do without; if you don’t absolutely need to start the car, you don’t.

A city friend of mine checks on my animals for me when I have to be gone. She’s a rescue animal person and nothing fazes her. However, she didn’t realize that the plastic thing that was sticking up in my yard was the cap to my well. She backed over it. The rest is history.

The problem didn’t come to full fruition, until today. I’d run the washer, the shower, the kitchen sink, and flushed commodes. Suddenly, at 5pm when no repairman can be found in a 100 mile radius, the water quit. Nothing.

What would happen if the Lord suddenly shut off His flow to us? I take my running well for granted, until it stops. Then, I panic,  running all the scenarios without fresh water: no clean clothes, no showers, no cooking. Visions of thirsty animals torture me, especially my horses. How many bottles of water would it take to fill a five gallon bucket?

Don’t we do the same thing with the Lord’s mercies?  We live, taking for granted the luxury of our loved ones being close, and experience shock when they are gone. Every morning we slide out of bed, giving no praise to the One who allows our next heartbeat, and are in disbelief when are knees give way in our advancing age. Sometimes, I marvel at the mountain view that is awesome in every season, and believe it will always be there.

As I watched the dry faucet, I thought of how our Lord guarantees us that His water will never run dry. If you drink from Him, you’ll never thirst again. The problem with my well accident turned out to be a break in the line to the power source. The water was there; but the power source couldn’t get to the pump. God‘s well is never dry. His power source is eternal. My problem has always been some event or attitude, just like my friend’s mishap, breaking my connection to the source of great power in my life. That’s when I find myself dumdfounded and shocked, just like I was today staring at the dry faucet, and trying to figure out what is wrong.

The takeaway from today is: pay attention to your path to avoid breaking your connection to His power source, to keep the flow coming. If your living  water pressure is low, the problem most likely will be you. 

Oh, and by the way, my water was restored by handy hands that repaired the broken connection. My critters are happy now!


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