By njaj, published on 16 October 2013
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2 Chronicles 18:15 (AMP)

And the king said to him, How many times shall I warn you to tell nothing but the truth to me in the name of the Lord?


I haven’t endorsed any links so far but with the release of the movie Noah, I feel led to do so. If you haven’t seen the Hollywood version, don’t rush out. There is little that parallels the Biblical account.

The reason I saw the movie was to be able to discuss it with skeptics who may have been led to believe that Hollywood told the truth about this ancient man, who most of Hollywood doesn’t believe existed anyway.

Two sons of Noah were without wives, an evil stowaway entices Ham to kill his father partly because of the no-wife situation, and Noah threatens to kill the offspring of Japheth, which makes no sense since he built an ark to save all eight of his family. In the end, Ham leaves the group and strikes out after the world is destroyed, which would mean all of his descendants never would have existed.

By the end of the movie, I had pulled out most of my hair and was sure my eyes were bloodshot. What a wasted opportunity to tell of the need to repent and be saved!

So, I was intrigued by something I found in a somewhat rebuttal-and-clarify mindset, NoahTheMovie.(You will have to type it in your browser.) It received some strong endorsements from Christian leaders like Kirk Cameron and Alex Kendrick from the movie industry and Janet Parshall and others in the business of Christian commentary.

This thirty minute production is free, but copies can be purchased if desired. It would be great to put a link on a social media site to encourage more people to view it.  Pastor Ray Comfort certainly has the gift of gab and a connection with the young people he interviews, and I pray that many of them eventually decided for Christ.

John tells us the truth will set us free, but you won’t find any in the Hollywood version, no matter how much you may like Russell Crowe. Even with all of the blatant untruths, which make the movie nearly unrecognizable to a bible student, Hollywood has given us one more opportunity to share the gospel by telling the truth. And, the Living Waters ministry has given us a tool to help us to do so.


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