You’re All I Need



2 Corinthians 9:8 King James Version (KJV)
8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work

By Public Domain


My first discipline in higher education was in fashion design. Unfortunately for my inner diva, I was an average student. My counselors wisely guided me into chemistry and biology, subjects in which I excelled and made a living with for the next forty years.

But, there remains one afternoon from my pre-teen years that is brilliantly recalled. The event is responsible for a life long fascination with style and fashion. I’m guilty. I love make-up.

On that fateful afternoon, I was mesmerized by a Yardley of London cosmetic representative who was doing makeovers in a local Detroit suburban department store. She was glorious. British to boot, she favored Twiggy with her mini bleach blond hair cut and “fab” sixties make-up. At nearly six-feet tall, I was unable to hide myself within the crowd that surrounded her. She made eye contact. I was picked for a re-do.

My thirteen-year-old face was as clean as a whistle so there was no ‘re’ to ‘do’.  I left there in a delirious cloud anxious to share my painted lower eyelashes with Mom who I was sure would appreciate my wonderful gift. Not so. She chased me around the house with a washcloth, which only reinforced my fervor to do it again.

When I dress each day, I search through my collection of products to complete the application of cherished face paint. I really don’t wear a lot of product but I like to have some if I choose to. Even when I get ready to go to the gym, I have a routine that works for sweat.

I grab one small zippered pouch with stuff I use only for the gym. Everything I need is in that small bag. When I return home I shower and repeat the process, assembling my paint from several bags containing a variety of colors and choices. (Color is another addiction. I express it in my quilting and I have the fabric to prove it.)

I looked at all the stuff I had strewn over my countertop and asked myself a question. Why is it I can get ready for the gym with one small bag and think I need all this other stuff to get ready for the rest of the day?  What was the chorus from that new praise song at church? You’re all I need? Christ is enough for me, we sang. I have to seriously evaluate that statement. I sing it but am I living it?

A thought occurred to me.  Like the overabundance of cosmetics I play with each day, there is so much in my life that is just color and extra. Duplicate and double. It may be fun and pretty but could I do the task with less? Is there some way I can arrange only what I need into one basic bag and serve God unencumbered and free? Will I have the wisdom to de-clutter my life and just focus on the absolute essentials?

Peter tells us in his second epistle that Christ has given all things that pertain to life and godliness. Christ embodies all that we need in this life. I make life more complicated by multiplying resources until I am buried with confusion and burden unable to sort out a clear path to what’s really important in life.

Maybe I should toss everything and pare down to one small bag. More importantly, I need to look to Him for all things and follow Him as He guides me into only those things giving us the knowledge of Him and calling us to glory and virtue.

Is there a lipstick shade called “Enough”? I’m in!


Photo credit: keakguru, published on 07 April 2014
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