Highway to Heaven

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

Isaiah 30:21 KJV Public Domain


Seems like I have achieved the perpetual taxi-driver status in life. Not too long ago, I attended thirty-three visits to doctors in less than two months. Too bad there is not some kind of reward for this activity. I would win.

Not only do I chauffeur people to doctor’s visits, I have nine cats, two horses, and one dog that need to go, too. My precious Airedale has developed an eye tumor. The specialists want to remove his eye…but so far, he is responding to some eye drops which have slowed a part of his disease. Relief over my local vet’s decision to hold off on any drastic treatment added to my resolve to stay committed to his rigorous eye drop schedule.

However, my dog needed an evaluation of his intraocular pressures. The specialty clinic is seventy-five miles away and we left my country home at 6 a.m. to present him to his vet at 8:20. I’d never been to the main clinic, so the Garmin GPS came out of retirement to support the moving map I have on my phone. I’ve learned to not depend on only one source of information when I am faced with finding a destination unknown.

A glossy laminated map of the city sat on my empty passenger seat. My dog rested comfortably on his driving bed fit neatly into the cargo space and folded-down seat area of my small station wagon.

The GPS had been in retirement since I obtained an Android phone. Since I anticipated its use on this trip, I updated the maps through a four hour computer session. The printed map, the updated GPS, and the phone were my security in a foreign land. My knowledge of the city is limited but I did have a general sense of direction to travel.

As my luck goes, an accident occurred at exactly the exit recommended by both devices. With only a few minutes to seek an alternate route, I scrambled to coordinate enough information from the three sources to get me off the expressway. I experienced much disorientation.

I could read the major road names on the map but my old eyes couldn’t focus on the small roads that would have given me a clue for an escape. The temperature in the car was so low to keep puppy comfy and my fingers were numb and cold. The touch screen on the phone would not respond to my frozen digits.

The map on the GPS may have been able to be expanded to allow me to visualize the surrounding roads so I could formulate a viable alternate route. But my focus on the touch-and-go traffic preempted my attention. In other words, I was temporarily out of luck.

Twenty minutes from the appointment time, I phoned the clinic to report my location and prayed they would still be able to see my dog. Thankfully, the receptionist assured me I would only be a few minutes late; they would wait for our arrival.

The feelings of disorientation, panic, confusion, and being unsure of the reliability of the devices reminded me of times in my spiritual walk when I have been detoured. I have the Word of God, assurance from believers around me, a written map in the form of great books and Bible study materials, and a direct line to the power source…still, I may question my direction and understanding of the instructions given to me by what I believe to be from God.

The words of assurance, “Keep going, you’re almost here”, compelled me to continue and put faith in the interpretation of the maps.  Could I be that kind of encouragement to a confused fellow traveler giving concerted effort to stay straight to the final appointment?

Many times I’ve heard another believer question if they’ve interpreted a correct message from God. Our individual roads through life may vary but our map is always written by Jesus in His blood.

Hang on weary traveler. Keep going in the direction you know is written in His Word. Rely on the map that never changes or misleads: Jesus. As panic overrides your better judgment, don’t hesitate to confirm your direction with a believer who has been there.

We were only seven minutes late to our appointment at the end of a one and a half hour trip that took two and a half hours. Detour and all, we arrived as anticipated patrons and were received as if we were on time.  Eternity will be like that. No matter the detour in this life, if you’re following the map of Jesus, you’ll arrive welcomed and on time.


Photo credit: wwwfreedigitalphotos.net/Communication Stock Photo
By TCJ2020, published on 02 March 2011
Stock Photo – image ID: 10032417






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