Abba’s Promise

abbas-promise-bannerWhen I got the acceptance notice from Debra Butterfield, editor at CrossRiver Media, that my story, The Late Check Provided, had been accepted for an upcoming devotional anthology—I had to search my memory. When did I submit this work? The story confirms God’s perfect timing to provide a much needed resource during a time when I lived through a rough patch. Yet, the story had been submitted during another rough patch, the last few months of my mother’s life. Twelve years of dementia ended with a massive stroke and I cared for her almost continually during the last year of her life. Many of those months are a blur upon reflection but God had a plan to do once again as He taught me in my story. Sometimes He delays a blessing until the need is the greatest. The acceptance of the story came on a dreary, sad day after Mom’s death and the news of publishing a work brought a great lift to my spirits. As He had done before, the Lord saved the blessing of sharing in Abba’s Promise until a time when I really needed Him to fulfill one! I pray the readers will be blessed by all the authors and their stories. And appreciate not only the hard collective work of the writers but the long-suffering of our editor, Debra. I don’t think I’ve ever received an e-mail on the weekend from any other editor. She’s done an outstanding job and I know the writers look forward to the success of the book, shining a light on Ms. Butterfield’s dedication to publish our stories. But, ultimately I pray the Lord receives the glory for the abundance He offers to all who call upon Him. May these stories draw the reader into His presence and experience the blessing of His promises.